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Married to Nick for 13 years, with 2 children; Sabrina - 12 and Dominic - 11. I am a girlfriend through and through in that I love girly things and anything that celebrates the essence of being a woman. I love vintage, shabby chic, the country and try my best to do my bit for the environment. SO yes...we have 3 bins in our house and try our best to recycle! I believe that with everything in life, the closer we stick to nature, the better off we'll be. I would love to have a balance in life, but have learnt that balance is not always possible, so strive for significance instead, in the hopes that that will be just as meaningful, and the rest will hopefully follow.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SNoWed UnDeR!!!

It's a public holiday here today, so we will be lazy around the pool, which is in stark contrast to how we spent our weekend. If you heard about the snow in the Nottingham Road a few days ago, I can vouch for the fact that the Midlands was magically turned into a white winter wonderland!!!! It was just MAGNIFICENT, and somewhat surreal! I could not get my head around having all these South African’s playing in the snow together – beach yes, but this! It felt as if we had all taken the latest Swissair (no longer) flight to Zurich, and gone on holiday together! LOL! It also got me thinking about how awesome it must be to experience a WHITE CHRISTMAS!...sigh..I look at the photo above, (which by the way is one of my favourites), and I imagine the windows lit up by the warm glow of candles and Christmas lights lit up inside...., with a big lit up fir tree outside.

To be standing in the Midlands, with snowflakes falling onto your tongue, whilst being pelted by big fluffy white balls was just awesome. My husband has been chasing real snow his entire life – that’s 46 long years people, and what an experience to have it right here on our doorstep!
Driving home we commented that it was even better than going on a skiing holiday, because it had been so unexpected, cost us nothing, took us 30 mins to pack toothbrushes and a change of clothes from the time we decided to go, an hour to get there, and we could take our friends!!! It was just magical – truly!

Our Dom - composed whereafter he got hit on the head by a snowball! OUCH!

We arrived on Saturday midday, and spent from late afternoon to early evening at a country Inn, drinking port, having a pub lunch, watching rugby and just enjoying the fire in the lounge, and then headed off to our B&B well into the evening. The kids were almost lulled to sleep in the car on the way, as we had to drive really slowly and carefully, but when we arrived at our destination, we were all out of the car like a shot, and the snow war continued. We woke to snow the next morning, and a hearty breakfast, and then headed off in search of ....... more snow!!!

This picture of Dom lying in the snow was the one of the fields of snow we played in at the 'Junction" when we first arrived on Saturday. On Sunday we discovered much thicker snow.

The photo of the kids and I was taken outside our friend Sally's B&B where both families spent the night.

We wished we had thought to bring boogie boards, as people snowboarded down the banks! It may not look steep but trust me, it was steep enough!

Being carried on my husband's back works equally well when I wear impractical shoes to the rugby, and risk getting sand in them! LOL!
We ate snow, we threw snow, we lay in snow, and we found snow in the weirdest places inbetween layers and layers of clothing. As I got in the car to leave for home, I noticed that my feet didn't same to have much room to move in my wellies, which I realised were absolutely STUFFED to the BRIM with snow from top tp bottom.

And finally, boys will be boys!!


  1. Hello STRANGER..... wow wow wow the piccies are STUNNING...... just LOVING those pink wellies doll!!!!!

  2. Stunning pictures and certainly looks like you all had an absolute ball (snowball!!)

  3. oh wow - what stunning snow pics - what an impromptue memory - such fun - glad you were all able to dash there and to stay over just made it all the more exciting. you see in life if you seek hard enough you can find it - even if it takes nick 46 years to find snow!!!!oh i cant wait for our winter now.....

  4. trust me to not be there and it snows!!! :( Remember our last trip up to the Midlands to find snow, and we did, just a small patch, which gave us lots of fun all the same... sigh

  5. I am so sad, wish I was there gf, should have been with you!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sure looks like you all had a hoot, what fun, we missed it too...pity!!!