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Married to Nick for 13 years, with 2 children; Sabrina - 12 and Dominic - 11. I am a girlfriend through and through in that I love girly things and anything that celebrates the essence of being a woman. I love vintage, shabby chic, the country and try my best to do my bit for the environment. SO yes...we have 3 bins in our house and try our best to recycle! I believe that with everything in life, the closer we stick to nature, the better off we'll be. I would love to have a balance in life, but have learnt that balance is not always possible, so strive for significance instead, in the hopes that that will be just as meaningful, and the rest will hopefully follow.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A final goodbye....Dad and Mom Stemp

As this is more a journal of sorts than anything else, today's entry is more on a personal note, as it saw the end of a very significant chapter in the life of our family, which needs to be documented. This entry is dedicated to my Father and Mother in Law, who's ashes were scattered this morning, in the sea in front of the Salt Rock Hotel.

Dad you love the sea and it was your wish that we scatter your ashes there - the North Coast always held such fond memories for you both, having shared so many wonderful times there as a family, together with the Robert's. And as Salt Rock has become a special place for us over the last 10 years, one we continue to go back to, we chose the beach there.
Looking back on today, I can only reflect on how perfect it was for the both of you. Mom - the weather was cool, just the way you liked it. Dad, the sea was alive, and beautiful - clean and the most magnificent shades of blue, which changed as the waves broke onto the shore. But best of all was the wind, which blew just enough to gently sweep you up and carry you away. We said a short prayer, and then Nick and Lou stood in the shore and let you simply float away. Mom...Dominic had the last dance with you, and then ever so sweetly, he let the last of you go.

A short while later the bell rang at the hotel, to indicate the sighting of dolphins, and we were blessed with what must have been at least 60 of them, swimming through that same area, and I have no doubt that you were right there beside them, floating alongside them, together just as you were in love, and in marriage, and in life ......


  1. gf as I type this comment my eyes are filled with tears....I so wish that Lin and I could have been there for you through this the way you and I were there for Lin when Vera died.

    What a beautiful post and I just know that Pampa and Aya know how much you loved and cherished them and as you said they are now together again. I can just picture little Dom saying goodbye to his granny and Nic and his sister releasing their spirits...the dolphins just added to the perfection and I am sure were sent just for your family so that you may know that all is right with your loved ones and that they are at peace.

    Thinking of you constantly!

  2. Now that I have wiped away my tears, I jujst need to say that this was a beautiful post.

    Your parents must know how much you all love them and I don't think a more perfect day could have happened for them.

    Wow, amazing things do happen.

    Keep well and although one never forgets a departed one, hope you have closure.

  3. What a gorgeous send off and what a perfect day!!!

    The greatest comfort from those loved ones who pass before us is that I believe they become our Guardian Angels - what better Angels to have guiding you than those who loved you most.

    Thinking of you ...

    Love, Tracy