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Married to Nick for 13 years, with 2 children; Sabrina - 12 and Dominic - 11. I am a girlfriend through and through in that I love girly things and anything that celebrates the essence of being a woman. I love vintage, shabby chic, the country and try my best to do my bit for the environment. SO yes...we have 3 bins in our house and try our best to recycle! I believe that with everything in life, the closer we stick to nature, the better off we'll be. I would love to have a balance in life, but have learnt that balance is not always possible, so strive for significance instead, in the hopes that that will be just as meaningful, and the rest will hopefully follow.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


And another thing - mothers do not be afraid - whilst I cannot deny that the ever so strong, sickly sweet smell of chocolate will follow you EVERYWHERE afterwards, and that no amount of wet wipes will do the trick, you can take comfort in the knowledge, and I'm sure you'll all agree, that one of the most priceless things in this world, is when a bright eyed dirty little chocolate smothered face looks up at you, and says "Mom, this is one of the BEST days of my life!!". As my friend Sandy said when she heard that remark - "just for that, I'd have paid DOUBLE!!" This was DEFINITELY one of the highlights of our Midlands weekend away.
Chocolate Heaven in Rosetta spoiled us to ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that one can or can't imagine dipping in chocolate, and it was heavenly indeed. Me, who is SO not a chocolate person couldn't help but get caught up in the excitement of it all - and trust me, when the only rule is - THERE ARE NO RULES!" - what more can one expect!


  1. Ok, I get the whole yummy experience, but where's your chocolatey face???? lol

  2. looks delish - i gained weight looking at the darn pics - thanks GF

  3. Oh my word!!! that looks like absolute heaven. Will definitely have to make a plan and go there. Yes, where is your chocolatey face????

  4. Oh gf what a wonderful happy experience....have to put that on my to do list when we visit next year.

  5. A chocolate heavenly moment that will definitely live on for ever in the little one's memories.