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Married to Nick for 13 years, with 2 children; Sabrina - 12 and Dominic - 11. I am a girlfriend through and through in that I love girly things and anything that celebrates the essence of being a woman. I love vintage, shabby chic, the country and try my best to do my bit for the environment. SO yes...we have 3 bins in our house and try our best to recycle! I believe that with everything in life, the closer we stick to nature, the better off we'll be. I would love to have a balance in life, but have learnt that balance is not always possible, so strive for significance instead, in the hopes that that will be just as meaningful, and the rest will hopefully follow.

Friday, November 18, 2011

WiSh upon little silver stars

I had to get directions to find this place again:-D

It's been TWO months since my last blog - two long, busy, challenging, happy months. I've come back to this spot so many times during the crazy 2 month ride, just to sit in the quiet little cyber room, to gather my thoughts, because how do you put into words, how crazy life can get sometimes??
I WISH i knew....
Right now I wish for a lot of things, and they're pretty much a cookie dough mix of the staples and the extra's - kinda like flour, eggs and oil, that don't mean diddly without the icing and the fairy sprinkles.....

I'm doing a lot of wistful wishing i know, like...that the sky would once again open up and be warm, that i will soon find the inspiration and time to feel the joy of approaching Christmas, (because krikey, it's already past mid November), that stacking bracelets never go out of fashion, that one day they make a nailpolish that doesn't shabby on day 2,

But then there's the big things....I'm wishing on a wishing star for someone's health, for a GF's marriage, for more time with my DH, for my girlchild's heart to always be protected, for my boy to know where and how to use his gifts, for my girl to find hers, for more time to be creative, to love and encourage more, to be the best that I can be, and last but not least, to be here more than I am....oh how i WISH!....         


  1. Beautiful post Bee, loved it...♥

  2. I have missed you gf.....reading this post was like a long deep drink of Vanilla Latte....just what I needed xxxxx